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About US

We opened gallery at Kyobashi, Tokyo in 1973. Through 1980's we visited overseas and introduced European prints, from classic master prints such as Goya, Rembrandt, Durer,Callot to modern master prints such as Munch, Picasso, Lautrec, Nicholson into Japan. And we provided public museum with many exceptional works. For example, we provided National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo with a valuable collection of Jaques Callot(1592-1635).
Especially we had felt strong sympathy in German expressionistic artist, Kathe Kollwitzand. We held several exhibitions with her prints and drawings.
In 2000, we started to introduce Japanese art into overseas, visiting N.Y often. Now with the appearance of the computer, art market spreads with variety of the technique. Photographic art became much familiar and is being evaluated same as drawing. We started to introduce talented photographic artists.
Moreover with collaboration with the architect, we succeeded in proposing artwork of combination with dry buildings and art works such as drawings and sculptures.

とりわけ、ドイツの表現派女流画家、kathe Kollwitzには強い共感を覚え彼女の版画や素描の展覧会を数多く開催しました。

Company Outline

  • Sale of Arts
  • Art consulting
  • Exhibition

Sale of Japanese & foreign art works (prints, drawings, sculpture, etc)

Sale of old books (member of Japanese Association of Dealers in Old Books, 1974)

  • 美術品販売
  • アートコンサルテイング
  • 展示企画



Artists List

  • Saori Akutagawa
  • Hiroyuki Tajima
  • Patrick Procktor RA
  • Paul Wunderlich
  • Now Printing